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Posted by admin On September - 5 - 2011

This is an educational E-Journal, catering to subjects like Radical Politics, Peoples’ Protests, their struggles against oppression and exploitation (both by neo-imperialism and religious fundamentalism) , Theoretical issues, about Marxism ( its past history, both official distortion and actual one), and where it stands today, ideological/political videos about past and present history, about daily World Press and the like.The objective is to make people aware that what is happening around the world, without suggesting that what is final for the readers.

We feel that people should decide themselves the course of action they like to take, whether it is political, social or cultural. The past history and the present, both of Left, Right or Religious, has had been distorted to what suits the ruling classes. People have been fed or being fed what the ruling classes want them to see, listen and understand. Through our exposition we ask the readers to sift what is correct or incorrect while understanding any issue in its whole perspective.

Societies since long have been exploited on many levels and with the modern electronic and press media, especially the Internet,people are being fed with such a huge information that sometimes one gets puzzled to understand that what is correct. It is precisely here that we intervene to let the reader read, listen and view after sifting the whole of information as provided by us, on the daily basis.

Ours is a voluntary exercise which does not subscribe to a a fixed school of thought. It is educational in nature, non-profitable, without any goverenmental or party ( both Left or Right) affiliations.

We hope that readers, worldwide, will make use of this information for their further enlightenment.

Lastly, we strictly believe in secularism, democratic rights, international brotherhood, multiculturalism and unhindered reasoning ( restricted by any religion or an ideology) for a sustained debate/discourse.

Thanks and Enjoy.


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