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Hugo Blanco led a successful peasant revolution in Peru for land rights in 1961 when peasants were being killed by landowners. Praised by Che, Blanco — then a leader of the Fourth International — was captured and placed on death row. He lived due to an international campaign of solidarity launched by figures like Jean-Paul Sartre.

Now in the his late 70s, he publishes Lucha Indigena (“Indigenous Struggle”). The uprising in Peru of the Awajan and Wampis and other Amazon people, of the Aymara and Quechua, have shown that Indigenous and workers can organise to challenge the destruction of the Earth and to build a democratic alternative to capitalism.

Hugo Blanco argues that the revolution must be global and that the Occupy movement shows that people in the global North are joining the revolt against the 1% and for a democratic, ecological society for the 99%.

This Lucha Indigena editorial on the occupy movement and the global fightback against neoliberalism has been roughly translated by Derek Wall and Martin O’Beirne.

* * *

The global movement against neoliberalism grows ever larger
By Hugo Blanco

The wave of rebellion against neoliberalism was started by Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vendor who, in protest against sustained police harassment and looting, emptied fuel on to himself and lit a match. The flames of that fire are now spreading around the capitalist world.

First, they bought about the insurrection of the Tunisian town that eventually demolished the government.

Egypt was next and there too the government was overthrown.

The movement then extended to other Arab countries, where the fight is ongoing. NATO intervened in Libya to gain control of the incoming government and similar is expected in Syria.

The rebellion jumped to the door of the sun in Madrid with the name 15M (it began on May 15), extending to Greece and many other cities and European countries, and recently to New York taking the name of Occupy Wall Street. This latest development is appropriate as it is the worldwide financial centre.

From there it spread to many other US cities.

Then on October 15, a tsunami of global protest against the capitalist system spread to 951 cities in 82 countries.

The brilliant slogan of the North Americans is

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