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US: the economy of 9/11s — I — Dr Saulat Nagi

Posted by admin On September - 14 - 2013


In one day, the multinationals and their guru Milton Friedman, with the assistance of a handful of Arabian whelps, had pushed “America from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between,” as Oscar Wilde said

“Thinking is indeed essentially the negation of that which is immediately before us” — Hegel.

For the people of the US, the day of September 9th will always be remembered as a moment of agony, of a throbbing bitter truth that transformed the fabric of their society. Dazed through pain, the nation found itself in a state of shock and awe. “The US would never be the same again,” the politicians prophesied. On this day, apparently, an invincible state made for exceptions rather than laws found itself vulnerable to all kinds of terror attacks. The soothsayers were correct. In one day, on 9/11, the multinationals and their guru Milton Friedman, with the assistance of a handful of Arabian whelps, had pushed “America from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between,” as Oscar Wilde said. These attacks had a certain similarity to, if not the repercussions of, the ones carried out by the Reagan-Bush administration on the civilians of Latin America, especially of Panama and Nicaragua. In Yemen, Libya and Syria, history has the honour of becoming prehistory by no less than a ‘Nobel laureate president’ who intends to write a few ‘lesser nations’ off its page. ‘The evil that men do’ certainly outlasts them.

Armageddon was the banner headline chosen by La Presna, a Nicaraguan newspaper the very next day after 9/11. While referring to that, the magazine Envio observed, “The imaginable and singular tragedy of September 11 surely felt like the end of the world in the targeted country but Nicaragua experiences the end of the world nearly every day [after] the destruction the US government has wreaked on this country and its people. This country has lived its Armageddon in excruciating slow motion [under US assault] and is now submerged in its dismal aftermath. Having being reduced to the second poorest country in the hemisphere (after Haiti), vying with Guatemala for the distinction but at the same time enjoying being endowed with the honour of having the world record for concentration of wealth.” (“The Armageddon effect — The final test”, Envio, October 2001). The leftovers of this Armageddon continued to play havoc in the countries of the South cone till the end of the 20th century.

In the 1980s Nicaragua was declared “a cancer here in our land mass, a privileged sanctuary of terrorists and subversives just two days driving time away from Harlington Texas.” Reagan warned of “a dagger pointed at the heart of Texas.” “A truth is rarely pure and never simple.” There was no Soviet-type revolution in sight in a tiny country bereft of objective conditions to build socialism. A Marxist regime led by Daniel Ortega took power in an agrarian society plundered by the corrupt Samoza dynasty, a blue-eyed boy of the US. Despite all threats and sanctions — the tools loved by imperialism — the Sandinista regime transformed the destiny of common people through a dynamic change. In the early 1980s Nicaragua’s progress was lauded by the World Bank and other international agencies as “remarkable, laying a strong foundation for long term socio-economic development.” In the health sector Nicaragua led the way. In child mortality rate the swing towards survival was the most amazing in the developing world. From UNICEF it won the Nadezhda K Krupskaya award for literacy campaigns six times from 1980 to 2000. Apart from literacy, international recognition was also accorded to the regime for its gains in healthcare, education, childcare, unions, and land reforms. “No good deed goes unpunished.” If they are too many, they ask for the US’s wrath to be unleashed. Nicaragua was not too careful in choosing its enemies.

The government of Bush Sr ordered a military mission in Panama that killed thousands of Panamians just to flush out a single man, Manuel Noriega, who according to Noam Chomsky was “a thug who committed most of his crimes when he was on the payroll of the CIA.” The irony is that this operation was named as ‘Just Cause’, revealing that the cause is only just if and when approved and pursued by the leaders of the empire. Ricardo Stevens, a journalist, remarked, “How much alike (the victims of 9/11) are to the boys and girls — to the mothers and the grandfathers and the little old mothers, all of them also innocent — (when the) terror was called Just Cause and the terrorists called liberators.”

Vietnam had its 9/11 on March 16, 1968 when US forces carried out the My Lai massacre, which according to some was merely the tip of an iceberg. The depth of the real crime was unfathomable. Veiling the reality is the secret of imperial charm. Jean Bathke Elshtain knows it well. He states: “My Lai is convenient because the massacre can be blamed on half educated GIs trying to survive awful conditions in the field unlike, say, operation Wheeler Wallawa to which My Lai was a minor footnote, one of the many post-Tet mass murder operations planned by the respectable people just like us, so that we feel no ‘shame’ even ‘sadness’ over the huge crime” (Just War Against Terror).

The dioxin ‘Agent Orange’, a most pernicious carcinogenic substance used in South Vietnam during the war continues to play havoc with the newly born generation. Akin to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this region too continues to carry the legacy of having still and deformed births with infants born without limbs and poorly developed brains.

Cambodia had several 9/11s to its account. In 1969-70 President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger — the ‘viceroys’ of the world — ordered carpet bombing on “everything which flies to everything which moves.”. The years of US bombing, which according to new data exceeded the total bombing of Allied Forces throughout World War II, completely wiped out the traditional Cambodian economy. The Pol Pot regime took over. This internationally denounced regime was overthrown by Vietnam in 1979. The Khmer Rouge retreated to the western border adjacent to Thailand. The US, which now promotes it as unleashing of ‘communist terror’, was right behind this atrociously repressive regime. The fact was admitted by the US itself. In the spring of 1979 President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski stated: “I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pots. I encouraged the Thais to support the Khmer Rouge.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “In November 1980, Ray Cline visited a Khmer Rouge enclave inside Cambodia in his capacity as the foreign policy adviser to president-elect Ronald Reagan.” With a reference to one US official, The Washington Post stated on August 8, 1985: “Of course, if the coalition wins the Khmer Rouge will eat the other (non-communist group) alive.” Newsweek confirmed on October 10, 1983: “In every event the CIA and the Chinese were supplying arms directly to the Khmer Rouge.” ‘Arguments are to be avoided. They are always vulgar and often convincing.’

In Laos, from all over Asia, the CIA created its (in)famous Armee clandestine to fight the Pathet Lao, who were vying for a social change. During 1965-72 the US rained down two million tons of bombs on the people of Laos who were literally forced to live in caves. The 9/11 finally concluded when the country was turned into a morgue.

In Algeria, an estimated two million people were slaughtered by the state. A post-election 9/11 commenced when the Islamists claimed their victory. US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East was fascinated by this massacre as he stated: “Washington has much to learn from Algeria on the way to fight terrorism.” ‘Actions are the first tragedy in life, words are the second. Words are perhaps the worst. Words are merciless,’ especially when delivered with guiltless guile.

Iraq and Afghanistan experience their 9/11s every day. Their unending apocalypse refuses to cease. In Iraq, in the prison of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay the atrocities committed by the US army are no secret. The battalion proudly advertised as the ‘Murderous Maniacs’ used Kubark interrogation and Picana, the infamous methods of torture familiar to most Latin American citizens, especially the unfortunate Salvadorians. Even prior to the second Gulf War, Danis- Halliday and Hans-Von-Sponeck, respected UN diplomats, resigned in protest at what Halliday described the “genocidal” character of the US-UK. “The US stopped water tankers from reaching Iraq on grounds so spurious that they were rejected by UN arms experts. This happened during a time when major cause of child death was lack of access to clean drinking water and when the country was in the midst of a drought,” Noam Chomsky wrote.

(To be continued)

The writer is based in Australia and has authored books on socialism and history. He can be reached at saulatnagi@hotmail.com

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