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Four communists in Tunisian parliament -Tunisian parliament

Posted by admin On November - 6 - 2011

The Communist Party of Tunisian Workers (PCOT) won three seats while the Patriotic Union, a Maoist group, managed to win one seat.

The Modernist Democratic Pole (PDM), a staunchly secular centre-left coalition, won five seats

Since independence from France in 1956, Tunisians participated in free multiparty elections for the first time on Oct 23.

This is thanks to the revolution earlier this year that has not merely heralded democratic change in Tunisia but convulsed much of the Arab world.

A nation of 11 million, Tunisia is unlike any Arab country. Officially secular, Tunisia has a literacy rate of almost 100 percent. Women enjoy rights that are unheard-of in any other Muslim country. They are a visible aspect of public life. The Jewish minority is not persecuted, because religious harmony has until now been enviable. The General Union of Trade Unions (UGTT) is an integral part of Tunisia

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